Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello little lost blog!

What can I say? Life gets busy, real busy. There will come a day when I post often. I say it all the time, but I never seem to make it here as often as I want to. Maybe this year will be different, but I won't make any promises :) Just know I am here, still crafting away and being inspired by each of you out there in blog land.

2012 was a year filled with blessings and heartaches. So much has happened that has been so wonderful and I will start to share in coming posts. My kiddos are getting so big and learning so much each day. It is almost hard to see them growing up so quickly.

Here they are this past summer on the North Shore in Duluth, MN. We spent a a few days visiting my college age nieces as they took us around to all their fave spots. Love Duluth. TRuly one of Minnesota's prettiest areas. Visit sometime if you get out my way.

 I have been busy with Valentine projects and trying to stay on top of everything so I don't run out of time and cards before the 14th. Funny, I think that is where I left off last year with you all!

I have so many Valentine themed papers  that have piled up over the years and just love them; even if they are from 5 years ago. Mixing old and new can yield such pretty results some times.

What have you all been creating? If you love the lovey month like I do , I bet your projects are covered in hearts and x's and o's. I think my favorite new Valentine line is Crate Paper's Fourteen. Just love the bright colors and retro designs. More projects to come with that soon! Make your day sweet today....


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