Friday, June 7, 2013

My little loves...

Hey sweet blog friends! Hope you are all in full swing summer mode in your little corners of the world. We are trying to here in Minnesota, but our weather has not exactly been cooperating with summer activities. Chilly and in the 60s all week which is not our typical June. Today the sun is poking through and the rain clouds have disappeared so it is gonna be a sweet day.....

Much has been happening over the last couple months. My little man Cole graduated from preschool at the end of May and I am so proud of him! He looks very unsure in this picture with his "diploma" and grad cap on, but I know in my heart he is going places. Just think, in 12 years, he will be wearing this as a high school senior.... I need to soak up every minute of those big blue eyes before he grows up so big and I wonder where the time went.

He also hit a milestone birthday on May 27th. He is 5!! Not too much of a birthday party for him however. He had been sick with a nasty stomach flu in the days before his birthday, so we kept it low key and he wore his jammies all day. Hard to think he is going to kindergarten in the fall......sigh......

And my girl.... Here she is on the last day of school. She is now officially a 3rd grader.

Desi also had a birthday on May 30th, she is 8! We celebrated her birthday in honor of our little friend, Brady Nelson who is battling brain cancer. Our community hosted a fund raiser at Pizza Ranch and it happened to fall on Desi's birthday. She was given a choice as to how she wanted to spend her birthday and my heart leaped when she chose to be part of the fundraiser. She is growing into such an incredible girl with a HUGE heart for others. I love how God works through her and I am so proud to be her mama.  

 Watching these two move into the next stages of their little lives is so bittersweet. Excited for them, a little sad that they are getting so big, and of course, missing my Ellie even more....

Until next time, blessings my friends! 


  1. How time flies Niki! Bill turned 30 in the middle of May. Sure can't call him my baby anymore lol.
    Your two are growing by leaps and bounds. They are so adorable and yes capture this while you can.

  2. Cole's graduation pic is priceless! And Wow! what a sweet, kind hearted Desi. Happy Belated birthday to both of them. I am sure you are one very proud Mama.

  3. Niki they are getting so BIG!! What cutie pies!!
    Happy Summer!!!